One of Smart IOP’s core features is the Smart Sponsor, someone inside the patient’s life to help with accountability and the development of healthy habits. They ensure the patient is participating in the program and monitors sobriety.
The Smart Sponsor may use a breathalyzer or drug screen to make sure the client is sober. In addition, the client may be asked in an individual session to submit such testing. The results of the test can be seen and recorded through the individual video session. The value of a Smart Sponsor in an online IOP cannot be understated. This is a physical person present with the patient. We strongly believe that participating with another person fosters the development of a sober support network.
The advantage of an online IOP is the people participating are part of a patient’s support system, so these are people who will remain in a patient’s life long after treatment ends.
We make sure everyone involved understands the nature of addiction.
Understanding the nature of addiction is key for everybody involved in recovery. Sponsors participate in activities and education with clients to provide a stronger and more active support role. Educating members of your support network is critical for continued recovery once the Smart IOP has been completed.