So, it’s 7:50 A.M. on a Saturday morning. I’m making coffee for my meeting. No, today I don’t have to worry about the giant coffee pot or putting out the Styrofoam cups. This morning it’s just me and the Keurig making a single, albeit over sized, cup of coffee for one. You might be thinking I’m going to put it in a thermos and rush out the door to get to the meeting on time at 8 o’clock. No. This meeting is different. I won’t actually be with people for this one, but I’ll be with lots of people. Huh? “Are you sure this guys in recovery?” you might be thinking. “He sounds a little…out there”. Oh no, I’m not (well not too far anyway) and I’m happily in recovery.

But this morning it’s me, my coffee, my Kindle Fire, and 50 friends who are joining from all over the U.S. and the rest of the world! We are attending a 12 step meeting on  If you are in recovery and haven’t heard of InTheRooms you are really missing out.

For the old timers I’ll add the disclaimer that one should not solely use online meetings and that it is still important to go to the face-to-face variety. I believe that.  Also, I know for a fact that the online meetings have added additional spark for me as a person in long term recovery. Imagine being able to go to AA, NA, Trauma and the 12 steps, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Gamblers Anonymous, Meditation, and many other meetings from the comfort of your own home! makes it easy to do just that.

Stop Your Addiction by Using Meetings on a Screen?!

Here’s how you get started. Go to and create a username and password (just like Facebook). The home page has messages from members, daily meditations, and it will tell you if a meeting is in progress. Be sure to create a profile (you can keep it anonymous, or not) and join your primary fellowship. Then click on the Video Meetings tab to see the weekly schedule, learn how to use the platform, and start jumping into meetings!

If you are a little shy and don’t want people to see your face when you share, you can simply put a small piece of tape on your camera. This is an opportunity for you to give and receive recovery on a global level. I hope you’ll see this as a beneficial tool on your journey. And remember, is just like every other recovery related tool… It works if you work it.

by Billy Hoffman

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