There is a real drug problem in Virginia.  Often times Virginia IOPS are mandated by judges in Virginia to address drug problems.  An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for alcoholics or drug users.  It supports and teaches people how to live a sober life.  Often it is something that the courts and insurance companies will recommend before or after a 30 day inpatient program.

Such programs typically take place in the early evening hours.  Normally patients will meet four days a week, three hours each day and for about eight weeks.  Group therapy is part of the treatment along sometimes with individual therapy.  Educational videos may also be a part of the program.  Many times patients will be randomly drug tested. The main idea is that it promotes sober living strategies and addresses the many issues that patients will experience in early sobriety.

One benefit of this program is that if you are experiencing something challenging you can bring it up for a topic of discussion.  Other patients may have had similar problems and can discuss how they worked through them.  It is a great forum to bounce ideas around and get immediate feedback.  Other advantages of this program are that you can continue living at home and work full-time.

Virginia IOPS: Stop Using

Relapse prevention is another key focus of an IOP.  Identifying the many signs of relapse and learning the tools to avoid these pitfalls will be one of the major topics.  Learning about thought patterns and cravings will also help minimize relapse.

One article discusses the length of inpatient treatment programs and the use of an IOP following such treatment.  As discussed earlier an IOP is sometimes used before entering a 30 day program.  Many insurance companies will pay for this treatment in hopes that you will be successful.  Many patients are successful and never have to enter an inpatient program.  Attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings along with an IOP can also increase your chances of maintaining long term sobriety.  You will certainly gain a few smiles with your new achievements!

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Virginia,stop using,happiness

Virginia IOPS could be the start to a happier future.

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