According to some statistics, only about eleven percent of people receive treatment for their addiction.  Therefore, if you are lucky enough to get help and receive the gift of sobriety then please be grateful.  It truly is a gift that should not be taken for granted. Any addict must understand the value of sobriety as it is is one of the keys to never drinking or drugging again.

I have a friend who has over thirty years clean and sober. He often points out what a miracle it is for him to not be in active addiction.  He discusses the idea that at one time he drank daily.  Now the gift to not drink which was so freely given to him allows to live a life second to none. He truly believes this is a blessing that he must cherish every day in order to maintain sobriety.  Furthermore, he believes people with long term sobriety appreciate the gift more than earlier when first entering recovery.  Also, he is very grateful that his children and grand children don’t think of him as a drinker.  They see him as a great guy who goes to a lot of meetings!  That is the value of remaining clean and sober.

A Grateful Heart Will Never Drink!

So, one question for a person in recovery is do you appreciate the gift of sobriety?  The old timer told me that he values his recovery more and more as time goes on.  He has seen so many people come into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and then disappear. Unfortunately, many who do not return end up in jail, institutions or very sadly die from the disease of addiction. But one thing for sure is that he believes addicts who show gratitude seem to have a better chance at remaining drug and alcohol free.

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